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In this blog we are going to share the best that is done along the Alentejo coast, in the municipality of Odemira and Monte do Zambujeiro. Here you will be able to find suggestions for activities, stories, good restaurants and some secrets.

Praia do Malhão

5 km north of Vila Nova de Milfontes is this natural beach, with extensive white sand, which merges with the dunes, in perfect symbiosis with nature. This magnificent beach exudes peace and tranquility, invigorating body and soul. It is the best refuge to enjoy time, without rushing. Whether in summer, when it is one of the busiest beaches, or in winter, when you can enjoy this immensity all to yourself, a trip to Praia do Malhão is always a great option. On the sand or on the cliffs, the views are breathtaking. Come and spend a few days at Monte do Zambujeiro and explore this fantastic beach.

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Forest Bathing

What to do on a Sunday? Forest bathing

This Japanese practice is a relaxation process; known in Japan as shinrin yoku . A simple method of being calm and peaceful among the trees, observing the nature around you while breathing deeply, can help adults and children to “de-stress” and improve health and mental well-being in a natural way.

Below are some important tips and activities to start your meditation journey and don't forget to let us know how you felt!  

* Turn off your devices to relax, be mindful and enjoy a forest-based sensory experience.

* Slow down. Walk through the forest slowly so you can see and feel more.

* Take deep inspirations through your nose and exhale through your nose too. Try doing the breaths in a square. Inhale 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds, exhale 4 seconds and hold 4 seconds. Repeat this cycle 6 times. It will send a clear message to your body that it can relax.

* Stop, stand or sit, smell your surroundings, what can you smell?

* Observe your surroundings using all your senses. How the forest environment makes it   to feel? Be observant, observe the small details of nature.

* Sit quietly using mindful observation; try to avoid thinking about your to-do list or issues related to daily life. You   You'll be amazed at the number of forest dwellers you see using this process.

*Keep your eyes open. Nature's colors are calming and studies have shown that people relax better when seeing greens and blues.

* Stay as long as you can, start with a comfortable time limit and work your way up to the recommended two hours for a full forest bathing experience.

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